What to Listen to On the Go

I love music. It’s a big part of my daily life. My friends often say that my signature look isn’t complete without earbuds hanging from my ears. Reaching for my iPod Classic isn’t a decision, it’s a reflex. I once left the house without headphones and it was a big deal. With such a significant portion of my day spent doing low mental capacity tasks- driving, editing spreadsheets cooking, It’s either talk to myself and make my loved ones worried, or listen to music. So I find myself spending a lot of time thinking about what’s going into my ears!

I’m not as dogmatic as some, but I find that it’s important to keep a close eye- or maybe a close ear- on what you’re allowing yourself to listen to. Too often I’ve been distracted by a catchy beat, or a pretty voice, and failed to realize that the song stands for everything but Jesus! Sure I listen to non christian music- The Beatles, Aretha Franklin, even some Frank Sinatra to name a few- as I believe that God works through all words and sounds and songs, not just the ones that reference him directly. But I do try to avoid music that actively weakens the most important relationship in my life- my relationship with God.

Guarding my mind isn’t easy. The radio is almost always a dud; with all the more secular stations I’ve had to invest in a bluetooth adaptor for my phone. It’s also made more or less difficult by the time of year- the winter holidays are the easiest, full of Christmas carols and inoffensive Christmas related songs. The summer is definitely my least favorite time- all those beachy summertime hits blaring about “tonight” and drugs and what not. I struggle to find good god-fearing podcasts but there are a few gems out there waiting to be found. Explore your options, find what works for you, and more importantly, what brings you closer to God.

I never have to wonder if what I’m listening to is bringing me closer to God because I only listen to what brings me closer to God. Invest the time in your playlists and your discography, surround yourself with music that’s filled to the brim with God’s love and peace and majesty.

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